When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Air-conditioner?

It’s no secret that Air conditioners need to be regularly cleaned.

Even if you clean your filters on a regular basis you could still have dust, mould, mildew, bacteria and fungi in your air conditioning coil causing it to shoot out all these foulants into the air as well as restricting the airflow dropping efficiency and making the air conditioner work harder for less output.

Our service is an absolute comprehensive cleaning and sanitation, basically bringing your Air conditioner to as good as new state, removing any bad pollutants and foulants they may exist in your machine.

We do split system, ducted system and cassette type units provided we can get access to them. After a Crown Clean your air is fresh and healthy, reducing risk of sickness and helping you and your family live a healthier life.


Why Should You Clean Your Aircon?

Save Money On Power Bills
When air passes through the coil to be cooled the coil may have a build-up of dust, mould
and other foulants on it thus restricting how much air could be processed through the coil.
This can dramatically reduce the Air conditioners cooling capacity and performance.
A dirty air conditioner would have to work very hard to give out the same cooling capacity as
a clean air conditioner.
Clean Healthy Air
You could have all the money in the world but if your health isn’t good it could all mean
absolutely nothing, if your family’s health is important to you then you need our service,
clean air means healthy family and a happy life.

Just one Crown Clean and your machine is like new again removing any bacteria mould
mildew grease grime and any other foulants meaning no airborne pollutants and happy and
healthy home or business.

Prolong The Life Of Your Air Conditioner
Your Air conditioners life span may depend on how well you maintain your machine, regular filter cleans are important, but that will never fully clean the machine properly.

After prolonged regular use, the whole head unit also needs to be deep cleaned. A regularly cleaned air conditioner will last a lot longer than one that barely gets cleaned. It is like purchasing a new car and all you ever do is change the oil, you still need to change the oil filters air filters , brakes tyres etc.

Our Promise:

• If you’re not happy with the overall result of our service we will work for FREE.
• Everything will be put back just the way it was originally.
• Increased airflow and reduction in power consumption for that particular air conditioner.
• Removal of all mould bacteria and foulants for 12 months.
• No water leaks due to blockages for 12 months.

Our Clean includes:

• Anemometer before and after check (airflow).
• Temperature before and after check.
• Clean indoor coil filters.
• Remove and clean indoor Plastics.
• Pressure clean and sanitise of indoor coil.
• Clean Fan blade and AC chassis.
• Clean drain pan and clear any drain blockages.
• Clean outdoor coil.
• Put air conditioner back together and clean up.

Crown Clean Prices:

• Premium Split system Clean $200 + GST
• Premium ducted Clean $400 + GST

Ask us about bulk discount !